Isabel is going back to China.....and now we are home

Isabel is going back to China.....and now we are home
we will be here until all our kids have a family of their own

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bad friend and another adoption...

I just haven't had a moment to phone Brittany yet. The time that I usually chose is dinner time and if we are off schedule when we are done it is usually too late Eastern time to phone. I did email and I will phone. To be continued.....

Starfish reporting that Nathaniel will be adopted this Sunday. He will be called Will and his home will be the great USA. Hope to get a photo and find a blog. To be continued......

Heard from Megan's Mum. She is doing well and more! Beautiful pictures also sent. She and her sister are a sweet pair. To be continued....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Brittany called us!!!!!!!

We missed her!!!!!!!! Out shopping. we will phone tomorrow and I will update everyone.
We are happy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Return to China 2009...

As I have said, we will keep this blog going until all the wee Starfish we knew and loved are with their very own family. Until they are all adopted. This is a very optimistic stance but we are praying God will work more miracles for these most precious little children and families who would welcome them and love them forever.

But now we begin another journey. It is Grace and Beth's turn to go, once again back to where they began and where our family was forged. So begins the Return to China 2009 saga. ( We are so very excited and invite you to follow along. 

It was just by chance Isabel began to write some of this blog and I am so glad she did. It was in these posts I found out so much of how she really felt. She got so much positive and complimentary feedback it was totally amazing.  This time I will encourage both girls to blog as well. It is such a good way to preserve the memories.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Anthony is looking so good....

The very gracious, thoughtful and kind Carrie sent us an update on Anthony. He is well settled and doing just fine, thank you very much. Hope to hear about Megan  from her Mom soon too.

I am praying more adoptions are on the horizon but not too much news from Starfish these days.
Dog days of summer I guess. So want families to come and get their children but it is painfully slow.

Our news is that I am returning to Beijing to volunteer again at another foster home much to Isabel's regret. My youngest two Beth and Grace will come this time. Come along for the journey.
Address is in our links section.......also our family blog contact info.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fifteen...... moving on down......

Jeannie and her Mom, Dad and big brother. Going home and look at everyones face. It says it all for me. I am happy tonight.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jeannie's adoption.....

Sweet Jeannie was united with her Norwegian family on the 29th but no news yet from Amanda on how it went. Are we 15 left now? I hope so. Lots of others have had their paper work done but no news on further progress. Keep checking in folks and pray that all of our little friends find homes and families to love and nurture them. It is simply taking too long but I have to remember His will not mine.