Isabel is going back to China.....and now we are home

Isabel is going back to China.....and now we are home
we will be here until all our kids have a family of their own

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Little gems......

I save up these little pictures and notes so I have something......any small thing to put here to keep us going.
This is the ever beautiful Megan......formerly known as Jasmine......and her equally sweet sister Carly. There is no need to say they are doing well. A picture surely is worth a thousand words.

Any other news from Starfish I have gotten second hand. Sounds like the summer was busy with many new babies, a couple who have gone on to a better place, some surgeries and lots of volunteers who are there to help in any way they can. Their hearts are for the children that's for sure. I believe some of the children are still in line for adoption and both kids and parents are waiting. Just waiting. Rarely hear of the nannies. Wonder how they are getting on? From photos I have seen I know after the earthquake the children were downstairs in the larger apartment of the two occupied by Starfish. It was kept for volunteers and for other purposes. Newer photos seem to indicate that the residents, staff and volunteers are all back up in the smaller apartment again on the fifth floor. It is three bedrooms, one for Amanda and functions as an office also and the two others are full of cribs. Small kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a living room/dining area and that is it.

We wish we could just drop in for an afternoon and play and cuddle our little friends. I can't think about all the new ones who have come and gone since we were there just six short months ago. Just don't want to go there. Or the older kids coming up on three years old now.

I trying to gather strength for our trip to Hope in March.

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