Isabel is going back to China.....and now we are home

Isabel is going back to China.....and now we are home
we will be here until all our kids have a family of their own

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Adoption Isabel

Today's morning routine was a little different than usual. This morning, I slept in a little (must of been those pills Mom gave me to clear up my nose...). Then I got up and brushed my teeth, got ready, had my breakfast and we were off upstairs with Brittany. But today was different. Sarah was being adopted today! And better yet, we were going to witness it.
When we got up there, the place was in chaos- literally. Babies were crying, nannies were hustling about making breakfast and Amanda was getting Sarah ready for her big day.
When she came out, she was wearing a nice little velvet dress and little brown shoes. Her nanny was carrying her and she was crying. It must be hard for her since she spends twelve hours a day caring for the children- and Sarah was one of her assigned kids. We took a lot of photos with each nanny having their turn holding Sarah and then Mom took my picture with Sarah and her nanny. After that, we said good-bye and were off.
Sarah almost fell asleep on the way if not for Amanda who was showing her pictures of her new family. Her family has five people in it. Her mother, father and three older brothers, one of whom was going to be there today.
When we got to the place where we would meet her family for the first time, there was a teenager- her brother, Luke- standing by the doorway, video taping us as we pulled up. He didn't immediately fuss over his little sister, just stayed back and let his parents do that- but I could tell how excited he was.
Sarah's new mother met us at the door along with her husband met, but let Amanda carry Sarah until she got used to them. There were lots of smiles and cooing, then the mother began pulling things from a bag behind her such as a book, a teddy bear and some cheerios. All for Sarah only. After so much time spent sharing with many other children, it must be nice to have something all to yourself. Amanda put Sarah down so she could play with her family, then Amanda went off to talk to some people doing the adoption. Sarah loved her new sound-making book. She pressed button after button and ate cheerio after cheerio. She looked quite content, but she kept glancing in Amanda's direction as if asking her what was going on.
Though, I think that Sarah knew that something big was about to happen for the last few days. She's been pretty clingy to Amanda and throwing lots of tantrums. Also, she has barely slept or eaten. Funny how kids just know.
Mom, Brittany and I pulled up some chairs and sat a little ways off to give the new family some privacy. Luke continued his filming. After a while, Sarah's mother left her to play with her new father and went to fill out some adoption documents.
We stayed in that building for a good hour or so. Not only did we see Sarah's adoption, but there was also a guy adopting a two-year-old toddler from the Xi'an orphanage. Two new families right then and there. Wow.
Soon, Sarah, her new parents, the other new father and Amanda departed to take some photos of the new family in a hotel nearby. Mom, Brittany and I decided to return to our apartment and rest a little before lunch. We said our good-byes to Sarah and returned to the building and out apartment.
At twelve, we headed upstairs for a bite to eat. Today, it was rice, chicken and some veggies including some strange type of mushroom I'd never seen before. After, lunch, we played with the kiddies for a time.
Lily seemed really tired today. She woke up from her nap and immediately tried to go back to sleep on my lap. I kept moving though to see other kids such as Cailean, Jade and Danielle, so she couldn't get a decent sleep. I have to say, she cried a lot today. Whether she was in a bad mood or just tired, I couldn't really tell.
After a while though, I began to feel drowsy myself so I went downstairs with Brittany for some down time while Mom stayed upstairs with the children.
As of now, we are just relaxing for our big trip to Chengdu tomorrow. It's going to be a big day! Write more then.
Luckily, our computers will work there, thank goodness. I don't know what we'd have done with the computer without Brittany. I wonder what Grace and Mom will be in for next year. I'll bet Grace'll love it here.

Hiya again to everyone from St. Pats, especially 6B. I miss everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Good morning Isabel and Norma ! What an awesome experience you are sharing with us. In the meantime we are sitting here, under the clouds, as usual and I know all the kids at St. Pat's are looking forward to their report cards---I'm just hoping to get into the garden before the next episode of liquid sunshine.
Those Terra Cotta Armies are unbelievable ! The food sounds unbelievable as well--can you bring back some of that snake juice for next year's Halloween Party please ?
Isabel, I love your comment about the church service in English and the songs being the same as here. I have always found that a bit "odd" myself but isn't it neat that all around the world we are truly connected by the same songs, spirit and message.
On that note may you keep bringing sunshine to the hearts of all the people you meet.
Lovingly Rosa, Brian and Maria plus four cats