Isabel is going back to China.....and now we are home

Isabel is going back to China.....and now we are home
we will be here until all our kids have a family of their own

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Last Day in China

Today, we spent a good portion of time with the children upstairs. We were up there a little later than usual, so most of the children were gone on their walk. I found Lily and began playing with her, keeping her occupied. Saying good-bye to her, maybe forever, will be hard.
After lunch, we retreated for some down-time in our apartment. During lunch though, we were informed that Jack would be returning today from the hospital in Shanghai. He had been very seriously sick and had been gone for about two months. Mom and I said we'd be up by the time he was back.
But Mom went for a nap and I began playing my Nintendo DS and time just went by. When Mom woke up, she began packing for our trip home tomorrow. By the time we finally got upstairs, it was just after five.
I played with Lily, Danielle, Cailean, Brianna, Nathanial and Callum. I also said hi to some other kids. Dinner, then bath time came and went and I settled down with Lily on my lap to watch Shrek.
Our parting was so quick. Lily's nanny came along and took Lily in her arms then swept her off to bed. The last time I saw her, she was looking directly at me with a bottle in her mouth. Then she vanished behind the wall. That'll probably be the last memory I have of her.
After, we all gathered by the door and the nannies crowded around to say their good-byes. One said, "Thank you." and Mom replied the same. That'll probably be the last I see of Amanda for a while as well. She wasn't around for the good-byes though.
I said bye to Danielle and held her hand for the last time. I also did the same with Brianna before I followed Mom out through the door. I can still remember the day when I first saw Lily nearly two weeks and half ago. She was drawn to me like a duck to water the first moment she laid eyes on me. I can't forget the awkwardness of holding her for the first time that day. Maybe, I will meet her again one day and maybe I won't. But I like the memories I have of her and all the photos we took.
I also can't ever forget my first encounter with Danielle. She looked so timid and scared with her huge eyes. But I've come to love her as I have with all the kids. When I held Cailean for the last time, I thought of how I'd miss his adorable face and his charming smile. Same with Brianna. All the children of Starfish are wonderful and anyone who volunteers falls in love with them eventually. They're a part of your memory that you can never erase or forget about.

Mom and Brittany have gone out to spend one last evening eating dinner together. I had a noodle bowl. I hope I'll be able to bring some candy back!

Well, this marks the end of our adventure in China, I guess. I'll be telling everyone I know about my experience once I get back to make up for this short blog. See you all when I get back! May write tomorrow. ;)

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