Isabel is going back to China.....and now we are home

Isabel is going back to China.....and now we are home
we will be here until all our kids have a family of their own

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Quiet day at Starfish....

I guess the trip took it's toll on us because we were tired and kind of slow today. Met the "new" girl from England and chatted and helped her get oriented.
We hung out with the kids and got quite a greeting on our return this morning. I will miss them and worry about them for a long time and wish I could bring home every single one. I heard from Benjamin's Mom. I have no idea how she found our blog but the adoption community is like one big family and people have a knack for finding what they need at any given time. He is the sweetest boy, kind and gentle, and he will be so happy with his 3 new brothers. I took my usual time feeding Caitlyn. Still not eating well or gaining and she had a fever last night but I still think she is better than when we got here. Cailean......his usual happy self and same for the lovely Erica. Jeannie and Jasmine look like they got in a fight with scratches and bruises on their little face. Heather nearly jumped out of her walker at seeing us and Danielle let Isabel give her a cuddle as did Lily. Jade and Gabe as remote and wary of me as usual but Sean gave us a big old smile.
Brianna as happy as ever and ditto for Callum. Rose was dancing to Shrek on the TV. Nathaniel...drinking a bottle as he usually is. Rebecca came over and stroked Cailyn's head as I fed her. Rachel and Olivia were out for a walk and then into bed for nap time. Hope to see them tonight. Lunch was interesting and we had quite a discussion about the whole abandonment issue.
After lunch was Mongolian pancake and mushroom soup with a couple of stir fried chicken dishes....we headed to the electronic market so Isabel could get her charger, which we cooked at 240 volts on our first day here, either repaired or replaced. It cost us $5 for a new one. The nintendo itself costs pretty much the same as at home. Isabel was ecstatic and will now have something to do on the long plane ride home, so I will also have some peace. We bought several DVD's also...for about 40 cents each...that is not a typo!!! Normally we don't have a lot of DVD's but hard to say no to that price. I tried not to buy too much because that was not what we were here for. And most things are junky or knockoff or you have to fight too hard bargaining for them.
Church was great. No palms but evergreens. I guess they aren't allowed palms brought in. Now we are going up for bathtime favourite....the kids are just too sweet in their jammies.

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Anonymous said...

Hello again! I just wanted to say thanks for mentioning me on your blog! I think the world of Amanda and all the volunteers that have been such a large part of the childrens lives. I met Christine here...that is how I found your blog. Hope you don't mind! I thought I might get lucky and see a new picture or two of our Benjamin, and there he was. Thanks for that. Here is my email: if you can email or want to. I would love to hear more about your experiences with the children, if you have the chance. Take care, and blessings on a safe journey!