Isabel is going back to China.....and now we are home

Isabel is going back to China.....and now we are home
we will be here until all our kids have a family of their own

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yesterday was pretty amazing. At the government offices we say two lives changed forever in seconds and we saw two families born. It was something to see them all walk away together. the kids looked a little shell shocked but in the next couple of days they will begin to think "Hey, this is pretty good!". Sarah's family stopped by in the afternoon and Sarah was fine. Her Dad and Mom were picking her up and carrying her around and she was cool as a cucumber. It was great. They are coming back today as well because it helps her transition they think.
The house was pretty raucous in the afternoon. There were a lot of visitors and lots of crying and squabbling amongst the children. They all seemed extra tired and cranky too. Had fun playing with the boys.
Amanda heard yesterday that two of the children who have been matched for several months could be adopted as soon as April and May.
Also that someone had seen Heather's picture posted in the US and they were interested in her. We were worried about her because she has some neurological deficits so is more handicapped than some of the others. she is bright and happy and very sweet and with some good therapy will thrive I have no doubt. I will post some more photos. Can't show many of Sarah's now because that would be up to her Mom and Dad. We want to get some time with the kids this morning before we head out to Chengdu after lunch.

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