Isabel is going back to China.....and now we are home

Isabel is going back to China.....and now we are home
we will be here until all our kids have a family of their own

Monday, March 10, 2008

Our Isabel

Today, we got up as usual to do our routine. We were up with the kids at around 9:30. Brittany's been locking the doors lately, and Mom and I spend a good amount of time attempting to open them in the mornings. Usually, it's me who manages to unlock the door at last.
Mom is trying to get more pictures of Jasmine since we only have one of her. After being upstairs all morning, we took a break and came back downstairs again. Brittany said that she was going to take two kids and go on a walk with them and Mom and I volunteered to help her out. We decided to take Lily and Heather since they don't get to go out much.

I am now going to list all of the kids in the foster home so that you all have an idea of the mayhem up there and also of the children's personalities.

Lily: Adorable, sweet, young-natured, easy to love, she is photogenic
Sarah: Sweetest face, curious, adventurous
Shaun: Mom says he's a bit of a thug, but he can be soothing to upset children sometimes, mischievous
Benjamin: Curious, can be naughty and persistent
Jasmine: Don't know too much about her except that she looks like Jeannie
Rose: She chases after attention, but she is very sweet and friendly
Rebecca: She is friendly and good-natured
Heather: She smiles easily; has a lovely smile
Caitlin: She is very cute and sometimes even tries to make conversation with you in baby talk
Callum: Don't know much about Callum
Cailean: He can sure smile and laugh and he makes you laugh too; he is very lovable
Jade: Photogenic, she bonds easily and chases after attention, she takes time to entertain herself
Gabriel: He is very mischievous and can be naughty sometimes, but also sweet at times
Danielle: She has a precious face, a trusting nature and can look professional at times
Nathanial: He chases after attention a lot and can be sensitive
Brianna: I can tell you this: The nannies all want to look after dear little Brianna because of her laid back and tranquil nature
Erica: Adorable, tranquil nature
Rachel: She is very smart, tranquil, sweet and good-natured
Olivia: Don't know much about Olivia

Well, there are all the babies up there. Even though it can be mayhem sometimes I love them all. There are a few I don't know much about, but probably by next week, I can say some things about them too.

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